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Webinar - "Compliance with India's Comprehensive Data Protection Bill - India's Data Protection Act, 2021" (held by S&K Brussels LPC)

Date and Time: 1:30pm~2:40pm (Japan Time) / 10:00am~11:10am (Indian Time), Thursday, January 27, 2022

Venue: Zoom Webinar

Language: Japanese

Held by: S&K Brussels LPC


Takeshige Sugimoto, Attorney-at-Law, Managing Director, Partner (Admitted in Japan, New York, Brussels (B-List)), S&K Brussels LPC

Akihiro Kawashima, Attorney-at-Law, Partner (Admitted in Japan, New York, Brussels (B-List)), S&K Brussels LPC

Minako Ito, Attorney-at-Law, Associate (Admitted in Japan), S&K Brussels LPC


- India's THE PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION BILL, 2019 (the "PDP Bill") was first introduced to the Indian Parliament by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology on December 11, 2019. Information Technology) and its finalization is expected to be soon.

- The 30 members of Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC), founded in 2019 to examine the Bill, have finalized its report on the PDP Bill on November 22, 2021, in two full years after it was first introduced. The JPC had been asked to submit its report for review during the winter session of the Indian Parliament, which begins on November 29, 2021.

- The JPC's report (recommending implementation of the PDP Bill) was submitted to Rajya Sabha (upper house of the Indian Parliament) for consideration on December 16, 2021. If passed by the Indian Parliament, the PDP Bill will constitute the first comprehensive data protection law in India. - In the PDP Bill included in the JPC report, the new comprehensive Indian data protection law is named as the Data Protection Act, 2021.

- Under India's Data Protection Act, 2021, there are two types of fines for data fiduciary's violations of the Act, similar to the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

(i) A stipulated fine not exceeding the higher of 150 million Indian rupees (approximately 229.29 million yen) or 4% of worldwide turnover for the immediate preceding fiscal year; and

(ii) A fine not exceeding 50 million Indian rupees (approx. 76.43 million) or 2% of the worldwide turnover for the immediate preceding financial year, whichever is higher.

- In this webinar, we will explain the compliance measures that Japanese companies operating in India should take based on the contents of the Indian Data Protection Act 2021 Bill, which is now close to adoption, assuming that the bill is adopted as is. In particular, we will focus on the similarities and differences between the Indian Data Protection Act 2021 Bill and the EU GDPR, and discuss how Japanese companies that have already complied with the EU GDPR can efficiently comply with the Act in practice.

Date January 27, 2022
Lecturer Takeshige Sugimoto, Akihiro Kawashima, & Minako Ito
Organizer S&K Brussels LPC
Business Field India's the Personal Data Protection Bill, 2019 & Data Protection Act, 2021
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