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Know Your Client

In accordance with the Rules Concerning Client Identity Verification and Record Preservation, Etc., as established by the Japan Federation of Bar Associations, attorneys are obligated to verify a client's identity prior to accepting certain types of legal matters. In order to comply with such obligations, S&K Brussels LPC will, on behalf of all S&K Brussels group entities, carry out the following identity verification procedures for all individual and corporate clients.

In the case of an individual:
Verification by obtaining a copy of an official document detailing the individual client's name, address and date of birth (such as a driver's license, passport, pension book or alien registration card).

In the case of a corporation:
Verification by obtaining (i) the original, or a copy, of an official document detailing the corporation's trade name and location of the head or principal office (such as a certificate of registered matters or certificate of registered seal) and (ii) a business card or copy of an official document verifying the name and title of the person in charge of the relevant client matter.

For further information regarding the rules and regulations governing client identity verification, please visit the links below, provided by the Japan Federation of Bar Associations:

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