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December 21, 2016 "Practice Response Seminar on EU and Japan Personal Information Protection Laws Compliance" (held by Japan Machinery Center for Trade and Investment)
December 20, 2016 Lecture "GDPR Compliance Measures for Medium and Small Enterprises and the Latest Practical Trends on the EU Data Transfer Regulation Compliance" (held by Osaka Chamber of Commerce)
December 12, 2016 Seminar "The EU GDPR Compliance Measures which the Belgian Subsidiaries and Belgian Branch Offices of Japanese Companies should take" (held by NIHONJINKAI a.s.b.l. (Japanese Association in Belgium))
December 7, 2016 Lecture "Japanese Companies Responses to the EU General Data Protection Regulation" (held by JETRO)
December 2, 2016 Seminar "Global Talent Management and Human Resource Information: Processing of Human Resource Information and Roles of HR Tech" (jointly held by CYDAS Inc., Internet Initiatie Japan Inc., WilmerHale Brussel Office)
November 29, 2016 Seminar "Internal Investigation and Crisis Management concerning Personal Information Protection Laws in Japan and the EU - Emerging Legal Risks that Japanese companies face and Discovery Measures" (held by Consilio LLC)
October 26, 2016 "Forefront of Cybersecurity and Personal Information Protection in Japan, US and Europe - Important Topics of IT and Legal Affairs for Corporate Executives" (jointly held by WilmerHale and Internet Initiative Japan)
July 26, 2016 Lecture "EU General Data Protection Regulation's Impacts on the Business Activities" (held by Japan Business Federation, Information Communication Committee, Planning Group)
July 19, 2016 Lecture "Legislative Developments in the Proposed EU Regulation, Overview of the Proposed Regulation, Latest Trends in the EU" (held by Deloitte Tohmatsu Cyber Security Forefronnt Research Institute)
July 7, 2016 Lecture "EU General Data Protection Regulation" (held by the Japanese Chamber of Commerce & Industry in the United Kingdom)
June 29, 2016 Seminar "EU General Data Protection Regulation" (jointly held by JCC Holland, JETRO Amsterdam Office, and WilmerHale Brussels Office)
May 25, 2016 "EU Antitrust Distribution Compliance and State Aid" (held by WilmerHale Brussels Office)
May 24, 2016 "Recent developments in the EU Data Protection Regulation" (held by Japanese Institute of International Business Law)
May 13, 2016 Lecture "EU General Data Protection Regulation ~ Items to Respond as Inhouse Lawyers of Our Nation" (held by JILA (Japan In-House Lawyers Association))
April 20, 2016 "EU General Data Protection Regulation" (held by WilmerHale Brussels Office)
April 15, 2016 Lecture "EU General Data Protection Regulation: Information as of April 14, 2016" (held by the Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industries in Dusseldorf)
March 8, 2016 Small Seminar for Members "EU General Data Protection Regulation Seminar ~ Practical Response which Japanese Companies should carry out at the moment" (held by Japan Association of New Economy)
February 25, 2016 "The Proposed EU General Data Protection Regulation: How to Respond" (held by WilmerHale Brussels Office)
February 5, 2016 "Status Update on the EU Personal Information Protection and Japanese Companies Responses" (held by Japan Machinery Center for Trade and Investment)
January 28, 2016 Panelist, Panel Discussion "Data Transfer Between EU and Asia" (held by CPDP (Computers, Privacy & Data Protection))
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